The Experience of Dr. Max Gerson, M.D.

Censored for curing cancer. Advanced Gerson Therapy with Dr. Patrick Vickers Founder and Director of Northern Baja Gerson Center

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Northern Baja Gerson Center

An oasis of health combining the proven principles of Dr. Max Gerson M. D. and the Gerson Therapy with advanced immunotherapies for the optimal healing of chronic degenerative diseases.

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Surviving Cancer without Chemotherapy or Radiotherapy

Five years ago Ms. Kate Shemirani was diagnosed with Stage 3 breast cancer with a high pleomorphic presentation that gave her a 20% survival rate at 2 years and less than 2% at 5 years.

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After a successful lecture tour in England and Ireland back in July, Dr. Vickers will once again be returning to do a lecture tour in the United Kingdom this November 5th and 12th in Belfast, Northern Ireland and Sussex, England respectively. If you have not heard Dr. Vickers’ “CENSORED FOR CURING CANCER” lecture you definitely do not want to miss this opportunity to hear the incredible life and therapy of Dr. Max Gerson whose Gerson Therapy has been reversing advanced degenerative disease, including terminal cancer, for over a century. Chronicled in five different documentaries, the Gerson Therapy remains the most censored and the most powerful therapy in the history of medicine for the treatment of advanced cancer and diseases. Hear the dynamic speaking of Dr. Patrick Vickers as he goes into the history, the politics and the hard-core science behind curing advanced disease. Do not miss this shocking expose of the corruption behind today’s modern medical and pharmaceutical industry in this riveting two hour lecture. See the information below for times and locations of each lecture.